Happy New Year from icanhasgrace

Here’s my list of New Year’s resolutions, in no particular order. They have been simmering in my thoughts for about a week. I’m tempted to offer explanations, but the second resolution makes me hesitant. Instead, I’m simply going to put these out here as a form of accountability. Perhaps I’ll revisit them throughout 2015 and provide updates.

• No Popcorn
• Brevity
• Yoga and Meditation
• Walk
• Twitter over Facebook
• Books over Television
• Proofread Posts
• Balance Kindness, Justice, and Grace
• Keep the Beard

Wish me luck, and happy New Year to you!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from icanhasgrace

  1. These are commendable goals!
    I love the photo.
    May 2015 be your best year yet!
    (I made 17 resolutions; wish me luck) Keeping the beard is not one I have to worry about achieving 🙂

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