A Blooper Commute Cam with Sister Ann

Apparently Sister Ann Wenita Morelove isn’t as savvy as i am when it comes to recoding a Commute Cam. She thought she’d started over because after she stopped this recording, she kept talking to the camera for a good 10 minutes. All she managed to do was take a couple of still shots.

Silly Sister Ann…

3 thoughts on “A Blooper Commute Cam with Sister Ann

    • Hey FB! I checked my spam tab under comments and there where two comments from you sitting in there. I marked them “not spam” and then had they wound up in the “pending” section, awaiting approval. I approved them and they posted.

      I don’t see why wordpress would have flagged your comments, but I hope by doing this something reset for you so you’re not blocked from commenting in the future.


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