I Deserve These Pop-Tarts

My day started with Fred the cat knocking a candle into the tube. Being a light sleeper, I knew there was no hope of going back to sleep after the reverberating clamour that caused. I got up, turned up the fireplace in the living room, and knocked out a 45-minute cardio/light weights workout, the first I’ve done in forever.

I showered and made it to the office by 7:15, where I worked all day doing not one thing I expected to do. I managed an 8,000 step walk at lunch when I also received the news that Middle Tennessee is under another winter weather watch. Travel is expected to be hazardous Wednesday through Friday, thus jeopardizing once more my upcoming nuptials, postponed from last week for the same reason.

I came home and practiced yoga for an hour. I ate leftover beef stroganoff while listening to the Laid Back Lite Pop channel on Google Play, a playlist comprised of acoustic renditions of well-known songs. Even the happy tracks come across as terribly earnest and sad.

So this out-of-control day, this fire, this emo music, these pop-tarts, and this damn cat in my lap (the same one who, started it all) have all conspired to put me in the mellowest of moods. I’ll sit here awhile longer then get up, let the dogs out one last time, give the cats their bedtime snack, start the dishwasher, and go to sleep, only to wake up and do it, or some variation thereof, all over again tomorrow, if I’m lucky.

Yes. You read that right, if I’m lucky. Life is good.

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