In the Fullness of Time

I’ve slacked off on posting, but it’s not for lack of content. Significant, life-changing events are afoot, but writing about them would be irresponsible. It’s put me in a strange place. I don’t like censoring; I like it even less when it’s self imposed. Truly, it’s more a matter of timing. I promise to write when the time is right.

How mysterious. How vague. Please, do not worry. No one’s life is in danger. Despite my frustration, I am at peace, though I realize that sounds contradictory.

Until the time is right, I ask that you pray, light a candle, send good thoughts. Back when I was a pastor, I sometimes got frustrated during prayer time because we’d often spend more time talking about an illness, a broken relationship, a need, than the time we’d spend actually praying. A space, a pause, a silence, sometimes does more good than anything else. So I invite you to join me in the act of being still as we wait together.

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