15 thoughts on “Easter Tuesday: Morning Commute Cam #388

  1. Doing this commute video takes a lot of efforts, all those graphics etc. Very imaginative.
    Your car looks real clean and that is very nice. I like that, says to me this is a neat person.
    I do not commute but if I had too I would want a chauffeur.
    Do you have a Southern Accent?


  2. Hey Sweetheart!
    It’s the week after Spring Break, the Tuesday before prom on Friday and the start of mushroom (morel) hunting this week. And oh yeah, my kids are working on paper mache’ in class so there’s that too. So since you asked, I’m busier than a one handed wallpaper hanger with crabs…
    Hope you have a beautiful week!!!


  3. Love the webcams.

    PS Moms are always allowed to take embarrassing photos. It is the law (as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end…)

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