Stress, Self-Care, and Balance

Life has been unusually stressful for the past several weeks. Unfortunately, I let slide the very things that help me most during times like this, which only increases the stress. I have a list of four activities that I know for a fact reduce stress in my life. I haven’t been doing any of them consistently. That is going to change beginning this evening when I get off from work. Pick one. Any one. Start there. Do at least one a day for a week and then next week add another. By the end of May my goal is to do them all, every day.

I am the only one who can accomplish this. Here’s the list:

  1. Meditate
  2. Yoga
  3. Cardio (walk or cycle)
  4. Strength training

4 thoughts on “Stress, Self-Care, and Balance

  1. I keep having this conversation with myself, telling myself to start doing the things I know will help balance me back out. I have a similar list I’ve been staring at, burning up at me off of my notebook. I’ve yet to actually do any of them.

    Maybe May will be better for me too.


  2. These are very commendable goals. I too have had ‘life’ get in the way I have neglected my self-care – and blogging! Time to make space and room for these things and put them first.


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