Wild Roses

When we moved here thirteen years ago, the hill behind the house was grazed over and barren. Over the years I tried planting several things, including trumpet vine, apple trees, and dogwoods.

Now, the hillside is wild with sumac, cedar, and something unknown, almost to the point of shading out the undergrowth. Birds, rabbits, and deer love this spot. I like that it provides a barrier of privacy from the houses on the other side of the greenway.

The best part of the hill is the wild roses that grow, fortunately right at the edge of the yard so I can admire them every spring.

5 thoughts on “Wild Roses

  1. Thank you for sharing their beauty. I have often enjoyed working with nature like that too.

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  2. You inspire a song I love to start playing in my head. A beautiful girl from Tennesee wrote it and sings it with two other talented ladies on a CD called Trio. One of my favorite CDs ever. May have to post that tune today. Thanks.

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