An Act of Love


This is asking a lot. I know what it’s like to open yourself to scorn and ridicule. But I want to give folks an opportunity to stand up for love, support Pam, and Belmont United Methodist Church.

The comments section is open for this latest coverage from News Channel 5.–318740601.html?lc=Smart

3 thoughts on “An Act of Love

  1. I fully agree with you that the punishment meted out is harsh and unnecessary. Your solution proposed in an earlier post, was a very good idea and would have closed the chapter. People need to forgive and though she may have gone against ”church policy” she did not go against God’s teachings on Love and understanding. In fact your solution was very much what would have happened in Canada. Hopefully the Church management will revisit their decision and realize you do not need to go that far to make a point.


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