Day the Three: Walking the Straight Labrynth

Technology is failing me. The handy solar powered charger I bought (and tested!) crapped out on me last night.  It isn’t recharging. It isn’t doing anything.  It’s only Sunday and I’m super bummed. I have a whole week ahead of me.

I find myself walking the path from the communal gathering area to my tent a lot. There’s always some reason: a nap,  a need to organize something, or to return something, or to get something. About the second or third trip (1,111 steps, or so says my phone) on the first day I started comparing the hike to walking the a labrynth. Labyrinths are ancient prayer/meditation practices sometimes confused with mazes. The difference is one can easily get lost in a maze, where a labrynth has a clear path. Most often labrynths loop around upon themselves so there’s no chance of getting lost. One walks the labrynth, empties one’s mind, and prays. It occurred to me that my frequent walk to my tent could function the same way.

These two questions have occurred to me as I walk: What do I want to leave here?  What do I want to take with me?

Now that technology is failing me,  and since I’m in a reflective mood,  I’m starting to wonder if this is a possible answer. Am I too dependant on these devices that require electrical power? Are they keeping me from fully experiencing what’s happening around me?

I’m blogging right now on my phone and the charge is at 36%*. If the solar charger is truly fried as I suspect, then I’m about to find out what it’s like to live without it.

Do things happen for a reason, or do we assign reason to things that happen? Either way, there are lessons to learn.

*A new friend left me his battery charger. I’m good to go. More blogging to come.

One thought on “Day the Three: Walking the Straight Labrynth

  1. Prior to all this technology which follows us now everywhere even in the forest, we did have a life and we amused ourselves differently. Yes maybe you are about to have a life revealing experience.


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