Day the Three.One: Or Dinner of Seven Wonders

A great deal of effort went into this evening’s meal. The buffet (always great food) was transformed into a fine dining establishment. We were seated and served seven courses beginning with spicy pumpkin soup, brought to table in a pumpkin bowl. Pickled vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, roasted squash, chocolate-covered toffee, hibiscus tea. All was accompanied by music and narrative. It was the meal of seven wonders.

The table conversation was light-hearted and merry. I got to spend time with Sister Decca.

The experience made me think of a love feast in the Wesleyan tradition. I was filled with gratitude for the amount of planning and work the kitchen team put into make this happen. I thought of other times when people have surprised me with unexpected grace. It springs from an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity. It opens one’s heart to joy.

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