A Letter to Facebook

Over the weekend, Facebook locked me out of my Sister account due to their naming policy. Here is my response:

Dear Jesse, or whoever, at Facebook:

I am a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up. It’s a volunteer non-profit organization that primarily serves the LGBT community.

Obviously, Ann Wenita Morelove is not the name I go by in other areas of my life. However, it will be a name I, and others, will miss on Facebook if it is not reinstated.

Years ago, I tried using a page instead of a profile. This did not suit my needs.  Sister Roma of San Francisco argued all of this, and more, with employees at Facebook, and I thought Facebook had altered it’s naming policy as a result. Apparently I was mistaken.

I would like to have my profile reinstated. But if not, I spend too much time on Facebook as it is, on both my accounts. Working without Facebook will be a pain, but life will go on.

If you can reinstate Ann Wenita Morelove on Facebook, awesome! But if not, it was fun (and sometimes useful) while it lasted.

Be love,

Ann Wenita Morelove
The Valentine Nun

CC: My Personal Facebook Account

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