Time to get dressed. See you tonight.

Hi, y’all. It’s been awhile. 

I’m not sure what happened that led me to stop blogging. Among the reasons was my constant self censorship. I found it easier to banter with the with friends on Facebook than to craft a post with all those words and deep thoughts. 

I haven’t been completely gone, though. For years I’ve had an automated process in place that shoots my Instagram images over to my blog and saves them as a draft. That’s still been going even in my absence. So what would it be like to travel back in time and write about these mostly silly (see above) pictures? 

Why not give it a try? Let’s make it interesting. I’ll try, as much as I am able, to share somewhere in the post exactly what I was thinking when I took the picture. 

This really could be interesting.

About today’s image. It was taken before Friday night bar ministry on November 11, 2016, just before I dressed. I’m completely naked in this picture, except for the wimple around my neck. 

I was thinking that I looked oddly sensual, and that my eye shadow had grown again, as it tends to do. 

That night went on to become a good night of ministry. Several Music City Sisters went from bar to bar inviting folks to write on the Veil of Emotion. Here’s a summary followed by a picture:

The Veil of Emotion

We’ve been through a week. Last night, we asked you to share your emotions with us. We wanted to create a space where we could lean on each other and even carry each other for awhile. 
This is what you wrote on the Veil of Emotion:
Be on point
I love your hearts!
I love you
See beyond the hate! All love!
I am beyond sad but feel in my heart that we as a people will find home!
Love plus peace! Love always
Love wins
Let’s love each other
Love your brothers and sisters
Love to all
Fags fight back!
Love wins
I love life and friends
Confused. Fuck that guy! Confused
Sister love – the grizzlies
Love trumps hate
Hope is not lost. Keep an open mind. Love is love ready to organize in 2018
Love trumps hate! Benji loves all!
Chosen family! Love!
Overwhelmed, worried, confused, scared but hopeful because love wins
When they go low, we go hi.
Fuck Trump!
Love always wins!
We won’t retreat
I pledge my love and to show that to anyone that needs someone.
We see you. We hear you. We love you. ~ Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Thank you, Fearsome Beard (his blog is listed on blogs I follow), for reaching out and saying hello. You never know how you might affect someone’s life, right? 

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